Volunteer working at food pantry

Snack Buddies

Children in grades preschool through the fifth grade are encouraged to bring a nutritious snack to school to eat mid-morning. This snack time takes place in the classroom and is meant to bridge the gap between the children's breakfast and lunch times. Unfortunately, children who live in homes with incomes below the poverty level are usually unable to bring snacks to school. This results in the children feeling embarrassed (socially outcast because they are not like the other children) and the children lacking the nourishment which is sorely needed for proper learning.

We partner with 20 elementary schools and 22 preschools in Roanoke County to support needy children by providing them with appropriate snacks. The Snack Buddies program has been extremely well received by the school teachers, administration, and the children.

 Snack Buddies in 2020:
Number of Elementary Schools 20
Number of Pre-Schools 27
Number of Snacks 56,700
Value of Snacks Given $15,839.52